Charles-Antoine Hébert : A poker face, but no bluff

February 24, 2023

Meet Charles-Antoine Hébert. Charles-Antoine joined Beaulieu Canada in February 2020, just before the pandemic turned everything upside down. He started as a claims analyst and then things evolved very quickly and that's fine according to him.

Straight flush

But what brought Charles-Antoine to Beaulieu? Let's just say that the 31-year-old's career path is quite atypical. First of all, a bachelor's degree in management at Laval University. But his passion for poker pushed him to branch out in this direction as soon as he finished his studies. He became a professional poker player!

Full house

After 7 years in this world, Charles-Antoine and his girlfriend learned that they were going to be parents. It was at this point that he made the decision to find a more stable job that was truly in his field. The responsibilities of a new little family appealed to him and gave him a taste for a good change. But it wasn't as easy as he thought it would be. He had to deal with the prejudice of some employers who took a very dim view of the fact that he was a professional poker player. Despite the bachelor's degree, despite the willingness, despite the availability, the label seemed to stick to him a little too much for his taste.

But Charles-Antoine is a go-getter and tireless. After a while of fruitless searching, he realizes that he would have to start at the bottom again, to prove himself to make up for the years he had spent outside his field of study in management. So, he was hired in a distribution center of a large food chain. But Charles-Antoine has ambition, a well-placed ambition. And he knows what he wants and what he's worth. He quickly understood that this was not the place where he would grow rapidly professionally.

Personality, good chemistry

Then he saw the job offer from Beaulieu Canada. Charles-Antoine lives in Ste-Julie, but a 45-minute drive is really not a problem for him. He also has no intention of moving. His biggest fear was still whether Beaulieu Canada would back down because of his former job as a poker player. But it's clear that the company's mindset goes beyond the details. Personality, good chemistry, that's what outweighs a lack of practical experience at Beaulieu Canada. And Charles-Antoine still appreciates it today.


A little over a month after his arrival, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Charles-Antoine had to go back home for a while and since he was the last in seniority in his position, the wait was longer.

Flush draw

But one day, he was offered a position as an Inventory Management Coordinator. And soon after, he was appointed Sampling Foreman. That's how far he's come in a short period of time for someone who feared he had a bad hand!

"Advancement is always possible at Beaulieu Canada. There's always an evolution, while having a nice stability, which is important when you have a small family. Especially since our second child is on the way" says Charles-Antoine, with pride in his voice.

Charles-Antoine feels he made the right choice. He knows that he will always be able to grow within the company and quickly. "It's not an impersonal atmosphere. It's pretty rare in a factory that the big boss comes by and waves, says hello and calls you by your first name. Here, it's a common occurrence", he says.


In short, this is the kind of company that allows you to build long-term careers. Whether you're experienced or not, educated or not. It's truly a company that looks at personality and abilities first. That's rare!

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