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Charles-Antoine Hébert : A poker face, but no bluff

Meet Charles-Antoine Hébert. Charles-Antoine joined Beaulieu Canada in February 2020, just before the pandemic turned everything upside down. He started as a claims analyst and then things evolved very quickly and that's fine according to him.

Straight flush

But what brought Charles-Antoine to Beaulieu? Let's just say that the 31-year-old's career path is quite atypical. First of all, a bachelor's degree in management at Laval University. But his passion for poker pushed him to branch out in this direction as soon as he finished his studies. He became a professional poker player!

Full house

After 7 years in this world, Charles-Antoine and his girlfriend learned that they were going to be parents. It was at this point that he made the decision to find a more stable job that was truly in his field. The responsibilities of a new little family appealed to him and gave him a taste for a good change. But it wasn't as easy as he thought it would be. He had to deal with the prejudice of some employers who took a very dim view of the fact that he was a professional poker player. Despite the bachelor's degree, despite the willingness, despite the availability, the label seemed to stick to him a little too much for his taste.

But Charles-Antoine is a go-getter and tireless. After a while of fruitless searching, he realizes that he would have to start at the bottom again, to prove himself to make up for the years he had spent outside his field of study in management. So, he was hired in a distribution center of a large food chain. But Charles-Antoine has ambition, a well-placed ambition. And he knows what he wants and what he's worth. He quickly understood that this was not the place where he would grow rapidly professionally.

Personality, good chemistry

Then he saw the job offer from Beaulieu Canada. Charles-Antoine lives in Ste-Julie, but a 45-minute drive is really not a problem for him. He also has no intention of moving. His biggest fear was still whether Beaulieu Canada would back down because of his former job as a poker player. But it's clear that the company's mindset goes beyond the details. Personality, good chemistry, that's what outweighs a lack of practical experience at Beaulieu Canada. And Charles-Antoine still appreciates it today.


A little over a month after his arrival, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Charles-Antoine had to go back home for a while and since he was the last in seniority in his position, the wait was longer.

Flush draw

But one day, he was offered a position as an Inventory Management Coordinator. And soon after, he was appointed Sampling Foreman. That's how far he's come in a short period of time for someone who feared he had a bad hand!

"Advancement is always possible at Beaulieu Canada. There's always an evolution, while having a nice stability, which is important when you have a small family. Especially since our second child is on the way" says Charles-Antoine, with pride in his voice.

Charles-Antoine feels he made the right choice. He knows that he will always be able to grow within the company and quickly. "It's not an impersonal atmosphere. It's pretty rare in a factory that the big boss comes by and waves, says hello and calls you by your first name. Here, it's a common occurrence", he says.


In short, this is the kind of company that allows you to build long-term careers. Whether you're experienced or not, educated or not. It's truly a company that looks at personality and abilities first. That's rare!

Haroun Yelfouf : You need to know how to manage your own integration

Haroun Yelfouf is originally from North Africa, Algeria to be precise. It was in July 2019 that he arrived in his "Promised Land" as he calls it. Canada, Quebec, it was a dream, a goal.

The kindness and availability of people

No, it is not in Montreal that Haroun first settled. But in Brossard, in the Greenfield Park sector. He immediately started looking for a job and that's when he joined Beaulieu Canada as a forklift operator. A job he had already been doing for a long time in Algeria.

The first thing Haroun remembers about his arrival in the country is the welcome, the kindness and the availability of people. And he makes a point of saying that he means everyone, people he doesn't know, organizations, employers, colleagues. Even the passerby who he asks how to get to the nearest grocery store.

I take responsibility for my choice

Yes, according to Haroun, a change of country has its share of hardships and especially of fatigue. And this is very easy to understand. Let's try to imagine a complete change of universe, with sometimes the language barrier or the adaptation to an accent, without friends or family, the search for a job, a place to live, a social life, financial stability, etc. It is quite understandable that all these elements, put together, play on the energy. We ourselves, in our little comfort zone, are exhausted in the early days of a new job, aren't we?

But Haroun is very clear. He assumes everything because it's his choice. His goal is to always remain positive; he wanted this change, so he doesn't want to put anyone through any part that might seem a bit negative. From his point of view, integration is a question of mutual respect. You have to know how to manage your own integration, whether it's in a new country, a new culture, a new job or all of the above at the same time.

We are the mirror of ourselves

When asked if he has ever had difficulties with being an immigrant since his arrival, in everyday life and at Beaulieu Canada, the answer is very quick. "No! First of all, you have to be open as an immigrant and then, you have to understand that we are the mirror of ourselves. If you are kind, positive, smiling, polite, chances are that people will be the same with you. Acceptance or non-acceptance is everywhere, in every country, every culture, every business, every family, every field of activity, etc." According to Haroun's opinion, a matter of human being and personality more than of geography.

"Sometimes you meet someone whose only way of getting to know you is to not accept you in the first place. Then it changes or not. It depends on the personality. But I don't have the reflex to tell myself, if someone doesn't seem to like me, that it's because of my origins. I see a lot more intelligence in people from here. Whether it's with me or with someone else, there are people who like everyone and others who like no one. It's the same in Algeria..." says our colleague, a smile in his voice.

Safety first!

When asked about what impressed him the most in the differences between Beaulieu Canada's work environment and that of Algeria, again his answer was quick. Safety first! And that reassures him a lot. It is so different from what he was used to.

Also, even though he already had experience in the trade, he greatly appreciated the comprehensive training he received. "They took the time for the training, they made sure I understood. It's stressful because there's a lot more than work going on in our lives at that time, but you don't want to let it show, you don't want to hold up your co-workers, you want to be nice, efficient and profitable."

One of the things Haroun appreciated was that he didn't feel pressured. He finds that rare in his profession, in the kind of environment he was used to.

The fruits of the investment

Since completing his training, his goal has been to make the investment pay off. "I am aware of the sacrifices and efforts my supervisors, colleagues and the company make when they train a new employee. They need to see the fruits of their investment. Otherwise, it would be disrespectful, a waste of time and money."

If you run into Haroun Yelfouf, say hello and don't be shy about asking him questions. He loves to talk about his origins, the particularities of his religion, about life, about anything and everything. Really, a very open and friendly person you need to know!

Laurel Shepherd: Unicorns do exist!

A unicorn is a magical creature, closely connected to horses, with the colors of the rainbow in (and on) its head. That's also the description of Laurel Shepherd, our Sampling Director!

A life at full gallop

Laurel was born in Vernon, British Columbia. No, she's not from St. Theodore and she doesn't speak with an accent to make herself interesting. It's easy to understand from the start that with Laurel, "What you see is what you get"!

She followed the rainbow with her daughter to arrive in Quebec in 1987, directly in the region she never left. And then everything went very fast, at full gallop even! A few months after her arrival, she started working at Beaulieu Canada. That's right, 34 years ago!

Keeping a tight rein

Just imagine. Far from home and not speaking a word of French. Would that stop Laurel Shepherd from getting ahead? Hell no! Just change the hair color and go!

During her interview for her first position at Beaulieu Canada, in the IT department, the little unicorn promised that she would learn French quickly, even though she couldn't even order a meal in a restaurant in French at that time, and that she would be an asset to the team, even though she didn't have a background in IT, but rather in office automation.

Laurel not only kept a tight rein, she kept her promise! Three months after starting her new job, she was fluent enough in French to perform her duties 100% and everyone understood her. Three months to learn a difficult language like French, when you start from scratch, is a race worthy of Blue Bonnets!

Betting on the right horse

Since 1987, a lot has changed for Laurel. But the unicorn seems to know how to attract magic. She knew how to bet on the right horse by staying loyal to Beaulieu Canada. She knew there were plenty of opportunities and despite the different avenues that life brings, she couldn't see herself returning to her native province. Her home is here, with those around her, her work, her world, her horse.

Knowing how to seize opportunities

At Beaulieu Canada, there seems to be a high concentration of people who have the same gift, that of recognizing the talent and potential of others. From this perspective, Laurel has certainly had plenty of opportunities to choose from. One day, one of her superiors, who helped her develop her career at Beaulieu Canada, told her:

"I can hire someone for the position I'm talking about. But I can't hire a personality." And according to Laurel, that sums up the company's spirit and vision.

It's an established culture where potential, personality, willingness and ability are truly observed and taken into account. Way ahead of degrees and years of experience acquired elsewhere. And it makes sense, since what we do is unique. The details can't be learned elsewhere and the expertise can't be acquired elsewhere. Experts teach beginners to become experts, period. And that's how it works, how employees can build a long-term career, like Laurel.

Seeing life in pink?

Of course, not everything is as rosy as Laurel's hair! No one would believe it if they said such a thing. In Laurel's opinion, there are, of course, tougher days from time to time. But on the account of a career, that's just a blip. "Look, what can I complain about? Here, we have a freedom that you rarely find elsewhere. People listen to us, our ideas are really taken into account and, above all, I'm accepted as I am! Me, the "Old Horse Lady" who changes hair at every turn, I have done all the colors of the palette! Me, the Laurel who came from far away, who didn't speak a word of French but in whom we believed! Me, the little one with character! I don't have to be someone else, ever. I wouldn't be able to anyway. I don't feel like I'm in a box. And that's worth a lot of other jobs that might pay more, or have this or that benefit. Being able to be free and be yourself is priceless", says the beautiful unicorn.

Even though Laurel has been working on the factory side for several years, having moved from IT to marketing and from marketing to sampling, she says she's never felt even an ounce of sexism or even reluctance in the work environment.

"You don't see that here. There are a lot of women in the plant and there are a lot of women in management positions. There's respect", she says.

Borrowing freedom

They say riding a horse is borrowing freedom. That's exactly what Laurel Shepherd is all about. Whether you know her well or not, you feel like you're riding with a friend, a motherly soul who cares for others and herself. It seems that her personality breathes a well-assumed and well-deserved freedom. And it's precisely because of people like Laurel that Beaulieu Canada sticks to people's personality before anything else.

Camille Bourassa: Family first

Camille is really a breath of fresh air for her colleagues in the credit and administration department. Even though she is only there 2 days a week, she leaves little bits of sunshine at the office during her absence.

First of all, an internship

Camille's journey at Beaulieu Canada began 3 years ago. What was supposed to be a two-week internship in administration went on for, well, a little longer... It seems that the young woman, then 18 years old, was making her mark in a very positive way.

Camille possesses qualities that Beaulieu Canada loves. Willpower, perseverance, interpersonal skills, respect and openness. Beyond experience, this is what the company values on a resume. And the resume of this beautiful native of Bromont was filled to the brim!

At home, it's her family

During the week, Camille lives near Acton Vale for work and school. But on weekends, she is with her family in Bromont. And you should see her eyes shine when she talks about them! You know when you really feel like you're at home anywhere in the world or in any situation as long as your family is there? Camille's home is her surroundings, not a physical place. Home is her family.

She speaks of her parents and her brother with great tenderness, admiration and sincere love. You can't make that up. And when you talk to her, you can see that Camille is sincere! No malice, only the real thing!

Appreciating her luck

The young woman, now 21 years old, recognizes how lucky she is. She has been able to travel a few times and particularly remembers a trip to Portugal. We asked her why it was her favorite and the answer was instantaneous! "Because I was with my family and family friends!". But Camille speaks with equal enthusiasm about her weekends with her family at Lake Brompton.

At work and in life

Camille is now officially permanent at Beaulieu Canada. No more temporary internships, we didn't want to let her go! All this is the result of constant efforts, a wonderful attitude and a very endearing personality. Whether in her personal or professional life, you want to be part of her entourage, her extended family.

Camille brings her good humor with her and we asked her what her secret is. "Every night, I name the 3 things I liked the most in my day! That's it!".

Camille and the future

We asked her where she saw herself in 5 years, in 10 years. But Camille is adamant. She prefers to live from day to day, not to see too far ahead and to enjoy the present moment. For now, she loves working at Beaulieu, she prefers manual work, but she also likes to write credit notes on the computer. By her own admission, she writes fast! Technology, like any young woman of her generation, comes almost naturally. She is very comfortable with all these elements, computers, tablets, phones, etc.

Camille prefers to think of the future as tomorrow. And we should all take a cue from her more often! She knows that tomorrow, she will still be in the same happiness as today, with her family, with her colleagues whom she finds kind, caring and welcoming. That's the future. A future day by day!

Looking the part: IT department

In this new “looking the part” post, we'll take a look at what it takes to be part of the nervous system (but not too nervous) of Beaulieu Canada: its IT department.

If you've ever dealt with a printer problem in your life, you'll probably get a small-scale taste of working in IT. First of all, you need to have the patience and zeal to deal with an unknown and possibly unprecedented problem. A problem often briefly explained in a rather limited technical vocabulary, that you will have extracted from the person, either by email, by text message, or even by poorly cropped screenshots (explanation most often interspersed with strong expletives against the inventor of the said technology). Once the need has been identified, the next step is to start the research and understanding necessary to solve the problem. When you have finally read enough documentation (or sometimes answers on obscure forums) and exhausted the hard-won science of your colleagues, you will finally feel ready to develop your solution. Don't worry, your diligence and attention to detail will be indispensable. When the stars align, the first solution you find will work wonderfully, and you will finally get to experience the joy of working in IT with us, the gratitude and satisfaction of the users, and most of all the pride of having learned while solving a problem!

These types of challenges require a satisfactory response in a timely manner, as often customers/colleagues are in deep distress over lost documents and not being able to complete an urgent task, or simply frustrated with an uncooperative piece of equipment. Sometimes major breakdowns can jeopardize the operation of an entire department, and you will be called upon to rise like a valiant knight to respond to the emergency.

When your colleagues aren't suffering from a rogue computer, you'll have time to do other things: improve procedures, maintain the computer and network, and coordinate innovation projects!

Faces of Beaulieu : Paolo Cerbo - La vita è bella

An Italian wind has been blowing through Beaulieu Canada for 32 years. Originally from Berceto, not far from Cinque Terre, Paolo Cerbo arrived in Quebec with his family at the age of 13, directly in the Acton Vale region. In his mind as a young teenager, he was leaving Italy for a family adventure, without really worrying about how long it would last. A year or two maybe perhaps? The truth is that Paolo had not asked himself the question.

Benvenuti alle famiglie!

Being part of the first Italian family in the area, not speaking a word of French and being in the midst of adolescence in the late seventies in a small high school like the one in Acton Vale, things weren't always easy at first. But things have settled down and Paolo is happy to see that today, for newcomers to the area, the way has been paved by families like his and that integration is less difficult than it was back then. There is still work to be done, but still...

Fiducia e opportunità

Paolo is a hands-on person. No wonder he decided to pursue training in woodworking. Then he moved briefly to Drummondville to work. When he heard that a position was available at Beaulieu Canada and that it would allow him to be closer to the Famiglia, the Bambino applied and that's how on June 19, 1989, Paolo joined the team.

What was originally supposed to be a 3-month replacement has now become a successful 32‑year career. Fortunately for us! He has worked in just about every department in the plant. For the past 20 years in supervisory positions, including the last 6 years as a manager in Research and Development.

But why so long? "At Beaulieu Canada, there's a sense of belonging. We're given a chance, we're trusted, and when they see that you're a go-getter, that you're interested, advancement is pretty easy. Even if you don't have experience or extensive studies. In my case, I had never been in a supervisory position, so I didn't know if I was cut out for it. In the end, it turned out that I was. Because I was given the opportunity to prove it. Why leave a company that trusts you?", says Paolo.

L'Italia nel cuore

But there's more to life than Beaulieu Canada! There's also motorcycling, among other things! The freedom to ride your Harley Davidson is worth its weight in gold. There's also soccer. As a player, yes, but especially as a referee in the senior league for 30 years. His happiness is also of course his family, his children, and his frequent trips to Italy to see the family and old friends.

Paolo lives here, yes, but his heart has never really left Italy. If he could live half the year here and half the year there, he would. Paolo is happy, but he wouldn't say no to a "shared custody" between his native land and his adopted land. A simple way of saying "La vita è bella!

Faces of Beaulieu : Marie Josee-Filion

There are people who inspire calm and gentleness. That's how it is with Marie-Josée Filion, accounts receivable coordinator at Beaulieu Canada for 23 years. When you talk to her, you immediately feel that she imposes gentleness in the same way as others impose rigor or law, for example. The unspoken informs us that the atmosphere must be calm, and that feels so good!

Passion: Numbers

Marie-Josée, not surprisingly, likes her environment, both at work and at home, to be calm without being monotonous. The lady has a sense of humor! She is hell-bent on making work fun and respectful. This is one of the main reasons she gives when asked why she has been with Beaulieu Canada for 23 years. "First, I love my job. I really do! I love what I do. I've always been in the same department and there's such a great atmosphere. It's a whole, the work, the colleagues, the respect, the good vibes, etc. I'm really lucky, I really have it all," says Marie-Josée, in all sincerity.

"My colleagues are my friends. Real friends. I'm not the person who's going to meddle in other people's business, who's going to impose or take all the space. But if there's any disrespect or anything that might interfere with getting along, I'm going to step in."

Marie-Josée is a passionate person. In fact, she remains open to having life surprise her with a new passion. At first, after her training in office automation and accounting, she thought she preferred office automation. But numbers became a real passion and she was the first to be surprised.

Passion: Running

This is also what happened with running. She began a fitness program 14 years ago when she gave herself the gift of quitting smoking. The process that followed, she wanted to do at her own pace. She tried many sports before finally settling on running. She feels free, she can do her sport at her own pace, on her own schedule, without waiting or making anyone wait. She never thought she would like running so much!

"Initially, I ran to the corner and walked back! That gives you an idea of where I was starting from... But I really wanted to do it! I really took it one step at a time, and now I run 9 km, twice a week! And I can't do without it anymore!", says Marie-Josée, her face beaming with health.

Passions: Cottage, canning and travel

Another passion? Cooking, trying out recipes and... canning! But all this is also an excuse to spend quality time with family and friends, at the cottage or at home.

Then there are the trips. All kinds of trips, but especially backpacking with the girls! The one to Portugal is particularly memorable. And if this pandemic can finally end, her dream would be to travel to Croatia, Thailand and Ireland, among other places.

Passion: The ultimate, the most important

Marie-Josée may have many passions, but nothing will ever match the family life she and her husband lead with their two daughters. "Some people think I'm intense, but on the weekends, I make sure my daughters are not lacking in anything and won't waste time on anything other than their university studies during the week. So, I cook, I shop for grocery, I do the laundry, etc. And if I have to, I'll bring everything to them in Quebec City or Sherbrooke if they can't come home. It's my way of helping them build a good future. And they are very grateful. They know they are lucky and they often tell us so", says the proud mother.

Whether she's working, running, traveling, cooking or being the devoted mom that she is, Marie-Josée exudes happiness; it's contagious, and most importantly, she makes it look so simple in her beautiful blue eyes.